Car Transport

For more than 10 years, our company is now specialized in car transportation. With a fleet of more than 20 car transporters, equipped with latest technology, we transport automobiles, roadsters, cross country vehicles, transporters, as well as smaller utility vehicles. Thanks to our in-house workshop, we can guarantee a high level of security and quality.

Our fleet currently comprises 20 trucks, with Kässbohrer- and Rolfo technology, equipped with telematics system. Our trucks mainly drive to Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The transport capacity of our car transporters covers around 40,000 vehicles per year, executed by our qualified employees with utmost care.



  • 20 car transporters
  • Telematics system
  • Transport capacity 40,000 vehicles / year
  • In-house workshop
  • Main destinations: Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands


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